Updated: 05.12.2018

The Salzgitter plants are enlarging the selection of modern hot rolled bainitic steels.

SZBS800 + Z: High strength bainitic steel – hot rolled and hot-dip galvanized.

Innovative hot rolled bainitic steel is multi – phased with unique structure guaranteeing a very even
hardness distribution. This makes the material less prone to cracks than the conventional multi–phase
steel. It has high yield and tensile strength at sufficiently high elongation during tearing in the cold
forming process.

SZBS800 displays the following advantages:

  • Larger expansion of holes in the xpand® version for edges particularly sensitive to cracking,
  • Reliable production of high strength, complex geometry elements at the same time,
  • Large potential of component integration,
  • High fatigue resistance, particularly at dynamic load,
  • Very good weldability,
  • In the case of hot-dip galvanized coatings and StronSal® (Zinc-Magnesium), there are two options of anti-corrosion protection available,
  •  Material with SZBS800+Z quality is used both in the chassis and car body construction.

Due to the high fatigue resistance, the SZBS800+Z steel is well designed for application in chassis parts with dynamic loads. Typical examples of this application are transversal and rear arms.

More information about SZBS800+Z can be found in the leaflet – we encourage to download.

In case you have more enquiries, please contact our customer service department.